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Asia Group is experienced supplier specialising in wide range of tin packagings. The variety of packaging comprises boxes for spirits, wines, candies, cookies, cigarettes, CD, watshces, stationery and others products.

Our passion is innovation at reasonable price.

The facilities of the factory make around 4000 square metres. There have been working more than 500 workers having great experience of producing our products.

We control the whole manufacturing process: design, moulding, printing, tin manufacturing and its packaging. The company has invested in a new generation of industrial equipment which integrates each step in the development of a product from its outline design through to delivery.

We are the future world leader for tin packagings, offering high quality at reasonable prices and with reliable delivery schedules.

Our highly skilled personnel are motivated by a strong culture and a passion for innovation. We comply with the the high requirements of the Quality Assurance management system.

Our production facilities, despite large scale, are flexible enough to meet the demands of current markets.

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