Elite Glass Bottles

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specialises in the manufacturing of premium clear glass containers, especially luxury spirits, fine wines, other novelty drinks, decanters, food, glasses and perfumery. Our bottles do not contain lead.

We are the future world leader for luxury bottles, offering high quality at economical prices and with reliable delivery schedules.

Our passion is innovation at reasonable price.

Our highly skilled personnel are motivated by a strong culture and a passion for innovation. We comply with the high requirements of the Quality Assurance management system.

Our production facilities, despite large scale, are flexible enough to meet the demands of current markets.

Our factories have invested in a new generation of industrial equipment which integrates each step in the development of a product from its outline design through to delivery. Each production line can be set up independently to produce items within the following weight and size ranges:

- From 50 gr. for bottles of 30ml of capacity (miniature),

- Up to 2 kg for large sizes of 2 litres.

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Elite Glass Bottles

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