China Outsourcing

In today's global economy, doing business overseas can help you and your company to achieve strategic business objectives.

Over the past few years, global sourcing has emerged as a dependable and proven means of improving their cost effectiveness, quality, flexibility and productivity. Majority multinational and leading regional companies are already benefiting from this rapidly growing trend and have seen cost savings of 30-60% on their outsourced products and services while enhancing the quality and productivity of these processes and improving customer satisfaction.

Asia Group focuses on bringing similar benefits to mid-size and small-size companies. Our strategic relationships with Chinese manufacturers minimize cultural and geographical challenges.

Special Services

Asia Group's value for You and Your Company:

1. Acts as Your Virtual Sourcing Division,

2. Saves Your Company Valuable Time, Money, and Resources,

3. Quickly identifies the Most-Reputable and Best-Qualified Factories,

4. Ensures High-Quality Results for Your Products,

5. Negotiates Competitive Pricing from the Factories on Your Behalf,

6. Represents Your Interests with the Factories in China.

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